Indicates whether the map entry is readable for the user credentials presented to connect to Active Directory.


bool IsReadable {get;}

Property value

Returns true if the map entry object is readable by the user, or false if the map entry object is not readable.


This property returns a value of true if the user accessing the map entry object in Active Directory has sufficient permissions to read the entry properties.


The following code sample illustrates using this property in a script:

'Specify the zone you want to work with
set objZone = cims.GetZoneByPath("LDAP://CN=qa-slovenia,CN=unix,DC=quantum,DC=net")
'Create the Store object
Set store = CreateObject("Centrify.DirectControl.Nis.Store")
'Attach to the target zone
'Provide the path to the zone and username and password.
store.Attach objZone.ADsPath, "jae.smith", "pas$w0rd"
'Open the generic map type named "Workstations IDs"
Set map ="Workstations IDs")
'Get the map entry specified
Set entry = map.get("")
'Check whether the record is readable
If not entry.IsReadable then
   wScript.Echo “No read permission for this record”
end if