Gets the GroupUnixProfiles object associated with a specified Active Directory group.


IGroupUnixProfiles UnixProfiles {get;} 

Property value

The GroupUnixProfiles object associated with the specified Active Directory group.


The GroupUnixProfiles object contains information about the collection of group profiles associated with the Active Directory group in different zones.


The following code sample illustrates using UnixProfiles in a script:

//Create a CIMS object to interact with AD
ICims cims = new Cims();
//Note the lack of the cims.connect function.
//By default, this application will use the connection to the domain controller
//and existing credentials from the computer already logged in.
//Get the group object
IGroup objGroup = cims.GetGroupByPath(strGroup);
//Get the zone object
IZone objZone = cims.GetZoneByPath("cn=" + strZone + "," + strContainerDN);
// Determine if the specified group is already a member of the zone.
// This method will either return a blank objGroupUnixProfile
// or one containing data
if (objGroup.UnixProfiles.Find(objZone) == null)
    Console.WriteLine( strGroup + " was not a member of " + strZone);
    // Remove group