Returns an instance of the directory entry for the group’s UNIX profile from Active Directory.


DirectoryEntry GetDirectoryEntry () 

Return value

The DirectoryEntry object for the UNIX group profile associated with the Active Directory group.


The DirectoryEntry object represents the service connection point associated with the group in the zone.

Note:   This method can only be used in .NET programs because DirectoryEntry is a .NET-specific class for directory objects. This method cannot be used in COM-based programs.


The following code sample illustrates using GetDirectoryEntry in a script:

//Identify the zone you want to work with
IZone zone = cims.GetZone(“”)
//Display the access control list
foreach (IGroupUnixProfile gpProfile in zone.GetGroupUnixProfiles))
   //Get the directory entry
   DirectoryEntry scp = gpProfile.GetDirectoryEntry(); 
   Console WriteLine(scp.ObjectSecurity.GetSecurityDescriptorSddlForm
(AccessControlSections.Access)); } ...