Gets the type of the UNIX group profile.


GroupUnixProfileType Type {get;}

Property value

Returns one of the following numeric values depending on how the UNIX group profile is stored:

  • 0 indicates the group profile is a standard Centrify UNIX profile.
  • 1 indicates the profile is a private group stored in a Private Groups container.
  • 2 indicates the profile is a Centrify SFU profile.
  • 3 indicates the profile is a local group.


The Private group type is only applicable to early versions of Centrify software. It is not a valid group profile type in version 4.0 and later.


The following code sample illustrates using Type in a script:

set objZone = cims.GetZoneByPath("LDAP://CN=research, CN=zones,CN=centrify,CN=program data,DC=sierra,DC=com")
'Identify the Active Directory group
Set objGroup = cims.GetGroupByPath("LDAP://CN=escalation,CN=support,DC=sierra,DC=com”)
'Get the UNIX profile for the group in the zone
set objGroupUnixProfile = objGroupUnixProfiles.Find(objZone)
Select Case objGroupUnixProfile.Type
Case 0
   wScript.Echo "Standard group"
Case 1
   wScript.Echo "Private group"
Case 2
   wScript.Echo "SFU group"
End Select