Adds a computer zone to a computer object in this zone.


IHierarchicalZoneComputer PrecreateComputerZone(string dnsname, DirectoryEntry trustee)
IHierarchicalZoneComputer PrecreateComputerZone(string dnsname, string trusteeDn)
IHierarchicalZoneComputer PrecreateComputerZone (string dnsName, DirectoryEntry trustee, bool skipPermissionSetting);


Specify the following parameters when using this method.

Parameter Description


The DNS host name of the Active Directory computer object to which you wish to add a computer zone.


The user or group to which the computer-level overrides will be assigned.


The user or group to which the computer-level overrides will be assigned, specified as a distinguished name.


Specifies if permission delegation is skipped when precreating computer zones.

Return value

The hierarchical computer object that contains the computer zone.


Computer-level overrides for user, group, or computer role assignments are contained in a computer zone, which is a special type of zone that contains properties that are specific to only one computer. Computer zones are an internal data structure that are not exposed as zone in Access Manager.

This method adds a computer zone to a computer object in a hierarchical zone. You can then assign roles to that trustee.

Use PrecreateComputerZone(string dnsname, DirectoryEntry trustee) for .NET programs and PrecreateComputerZone(string dnsname, string trusteeDn) for VBScript.


PrecreateComputerZone throws an ApplicationException if the method fails to delegate computer zone permissions (see the message returned by the exception for the reason).