Adds a computer-specific partial profile for the specified group to the computer.


IHierarchicalGroup AddGroupPartialProfile(DirectoryEntry groupDE)
IHierarchicalGroup AddGroupPartialProfile(SearchResult groupSR)
IHierarchicalGroup AddGroupPartialProfile(string groupDn)
IHierarchicalGroup AddGroupPartialProfile(IAdsGroup groupIAds)


Specify one of the following parameters when using this method.

Parameter Description


The directory entry for the group for which you want a partial profile.


The directory entry for a group specified as a search result.


The group specified as a distinguished name.


The IADs interface to the group.

Return value

The hierarchical group object that represents the group profile.


When you assign computer-level overrides for user, group, or computer role assignments, Centrify creates a computer zone, which is a special type of zone that contains the users, groups, and computer role assignments that are specific to only that one computer. Computer zones are not exposed as zones in Access Manager.

This method creates a computer zone and a new group profile with values set for the Cims and User properties. You can then add other properties to the profile.

The profile is not stored in Active Directory until you call the Commitmethod.

The AddGroupPartialProfile(DirectoryEntry groupDE) and AddGroupPartialProfile(SearchResult groupSr) methods are available only for .NET-based programs.


If you pass a null or empty parameter, AddGroupPartialProfile throws the exception ArgumentNullException.


The HierarchicalZoneComputer.AddGroupPartialProfile method is used in the same way as the HierarchicalZone.AddGroupPartialProfile method. See AddGroupPartialProfile for an example.