Returns a group pending import to the computer zone given the GUID.


IGroupInfo GetImportPendingGroup(string id, bool storePendingAD, string storePendingFilePath)


Specify the following parameters when using this method:

Parameter Description


The GUID of the group that’s pending import.


Specify true if the group is being imported from Active Directory. Specify false if the group is being imported from an XML file.


The file path of the XML file.

Return value

The IGroupInfo object for the specified group.


This method takes the storePendingAD Boolean and the storePendingFilePath information, stores them in the group profile, then finds and returns the group pending import that has the specified GUID.

Group profiles that are pending import are normally imported from NIS domains or from text files and not yet mapped to Active Directory groups. For more information about importing and mapping groups, see the Administrator’s Guide for Linux and UNIX.