Returns the UNIX profile for a user in this computer zone given the user identifier (UID).


IHierarchicalUser GetUserUnixProfileByUid(int uid)
IHierarchicalUser GetUserUnixProfileByUid(long uid)


Specify the following parameter when using this method:

Parameter Description


The user identifier (UID) associated with the Active Directory user.

Return value

The user profile for the specified UID in the computer zone, or null if none is found.


If there are multiple user profiles with the UID specified, this method returns only the first user profile found. To find all user profiles with a specific UID, use the GetUserUnixProfilesmethod to return the collection of profiles for a computer, then search the collection for the UID.

Note:   There are two versions of this method: one designed for COM-based programs that supports a 32-bit signed number for the uid argument and one designed for .NET-based programs that allows a 64-bit signed number for the uid argument. These methods are provided for backward compatibility with earlier versions of Centrify software. These methods are not applicable for version 4.0 or later.


GetUserUnixProfileByUid may throw one of the following exceptions:

  • ArgumentException if you specify a negative UID.
  • NotSupportedException if the computer zone schema is not supported.