Gets or sets the map type for the map object.


string Type {get; set;}

Property value

The map type for the map object.


Internally, the map type defines how fields are parsed and interpreted for standard network maps and generic maps. the type value is used by Access Manager to identify the map type. Access Manager can recognize all of the common NIS map types.


The following code sample illustrates using this property in a script:

'Specify the zone you want to work with
set objZone = cims.GetZoneByPath("LDAP://CN=pilot,CN=unix,DC=quantum,DC=net")
'Create the Store object
Set store = CreateObject("Centrify.DirectControl.Nis.Store")
'Attach to the target zone
'Provide the path to the zone and username and password.
objStore.Attach objZone.ADsPath, "jae.smith", "pas$w0rd"
'Open the map type named "Workstations IDs"
Set objMap = objStore.Open("Workstations IDs")
'Check the map type
wScript.Echo “Map Type: ” & objMap.Type