Creating the top-level Cims object

The Cims object is the top-level object in the Centrify Windows API. This object is used to establish the connection with Active Directory and set up the environment so that other operations can be performed. Before you can retrieve any information from Active Directory, such as a zone object or user profile, you must create a Cims object. If you are writing COM-based for Centrify software, version 5.0 or later, the top-level Cims object is named Cims3. For example:

set cdc = CreateObject("Centrify.DirectControl.Cims3")

If you have scripts created for a previous version of Centrify software, you should modify the object created to be a Cims3 object.

If you are writing programs using a .NET language, the namespace for the top-level Cims object is Centrify.DirectControl.API.Cims, regardless of the version of Centrify software you are using. For example, to create the top-level Cims object in a .NET program, you would type:

Centrify.DirectControl.API.Cims cdc = new Centrify.DirectControl.API.Cims();

After creating the top-level Cims object, you can use the other Centrify objects to access and manage zones, computers, user UNIX profiles, and group UNIX profiles (see Creating objects in the proper order). By writing scripts that retrieve or set object properties, you can provision users programmatically without using the Access Manager console or other MMC snap-ins.