Interface naming conventions

The Centrify Windows API objects are stored in Active Directory using the IADs interface. The IADs interface is a Microsoft standard that defines basic object features—such as properties and methods—of any Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) object. The most common ADSI objects include users, computers, services, file systems, and file service operations. The IADs interface ensures that all ADSI objects provide a simple and consistent representation of underlying directory services.

In addition to the basic ADSI objects, Centrify-specific objects are implemented as IADs interfaces. Using interfaces for the Centrify objects enables them to change internally without requiring any changes to the API. By convention, when objects are implemented as interfaces rather than class objects, they are identified by a capital “I” as a prefix. The Centrify-specific objects that are implemented as interface objects have the same names as the classes in Centrify-specific objects classes, with the addition of the “I” prefix; for example, the IZone interface object corresponds to the Zone class.

For more information about the IADs interface and working with interface objects, see the Microsoft Developer Network Library.