Working with NIS maps

In addition to the zone, computer, user, and group objects, you can use the Centrify Windows API to manage Network Information Service (NIS) maps in Active Directory. NIS maps store network information that can be used to respond to client requests on computers where the Centrify Agent cannot be installed. You can create or import NIS maps using the Access Manager console or programmatically using the API. The NIS maps you create or import are zone-specific information in Active Directory. Once the information is stored in Active Directory, NIS clients can send requests to the Centrify Network Information Service (adnisd) to receive the data.

For more detailed information about working with NIS maps and the Centrify Network Information Service, see the Planning and Deployment Guide and the NIS Administrator’s Guide.

The Centrify Windows API for working with NIS maps includes the following classes:

Class Description


Attaches to a zone and creates NIS maps in the zone.


Works with an individual map and its records.


Manages the fields in an individual record.