Gets or sets the time at which the role is active, specified as a hexadecimal number.


string ApplicableTimeHexString {get; set;}

Property value

The times at which the role is active or inactive.


This is a 42-character (21-byte) hexadecimal value stored as a string. When the hex value is converted to a binary value, its 168 bits each map to a single hour within the week. If a bit is set to 1, its corresponding hour is enabled for the role. If set to 0, its corresponding hour is disabled.

For details of how the bits are mapped to the hours of the week, see Reading and setting timebox values

To set a specific hour, see SetApplicableHour. To set an entire day, see GetSshRight. To check whether the role is active at a given time, see IsApplicable.


ApplicableTimeHexString throws an ArgumentException if the hex string is invalid.