Gets all of the UNIX profiles for a specified Active Directory user in the current domain.


IUserUnixProfiles UnixProfiles {get;}

Property value

The collection of UNIX profiles for the user.


The resulting object, UserUnixProfiles, is the collection of UNIX profiles that have been defined for the user across all zones.


The following code sample illustrates using UnixProfiles in a script:

'Get the zone object
Set objZone = cims.GetZone("ajax.org/UNIX/Zones/pilot")
'Get the user object
set objUser = cims.GetUserByPath("LDAP://CN=tai.wu,CN=Users, DC=ajax,DC=org")
'Look up the user’s UNIX profile in the zone
dim objUserUnixProfiles
set objUserUnixProfiles = objUser.UnixProfiles 
set objUserUnixProfile = objUserUnixProfiles.Find(objZone)