Gets the user UNIX profile type for the user.


UserUnixProfileType Type {get;} 

Property value

A numeric value that indicates whether the UNIX profile is a standard Centrify profile or a Service for UNIX (SFU) profile.

Possible values:

public enum UserUnixProfileType
     // Centrify user
        Centrify = 0,
     // Microsft Service for Unix type
        Sfu = 1,
     // MIT Kerberos-realm trusted user
        MIT = 2


There is no AD User object corresponding to an MIT user type of profile.


The following code sample illustrates using Type in a script:

'Get the zone object
Set objZone = cims.GetZone("ajax.org/UNIX/Zones/pilot")
'Get the Active Directory user object
set objUser = cims.GetUser("ajax.org/Users/pat.hu")
'Get the UNIX profile for the user
profile = objUser.UnixProfileByUid(10001)
'Check the profile type in the user’s UNIX profile
if profile.Type = 0
   wScript.Echo “Standard UNIX profile”
   wScript.Echo “SFU user UNIX profile”
end if