Gets or sets the description for the set of match criteria defined for a specific application right.

For example, if you are defining match criteria that will grant an application right for multiple versions of SQL Server Management Studio running on different versions of the Windows operating system, you might specify a description such as “SQL Server Management Studio (2005-2012)” to indicate the scope of the right.


string Description {get; set;}

Property value

The descriptive text for a set of match criteria.


The following code sample illustrates using Description in a script:

$objWindowsApplication = $objZone.GetWindowsApplication($strWindowsApplication);
    $objWindowsApplication = $objZone.CreateWindowsApplication();
    $objWindowsApplication.Name = $strWindowsApplication;
    $objWindowsApplication.RunAsType = $runAsType;
    $objWindowsApplication.RunAsString = $strDnList;
    $objWindowsApplication.RequirePassword = $requirePassword;
    $objWindowsApplication.Description = "SQL Server Match criteria";
    $objWindowsApplication.Priority = 0;