Gets or sets the type of executable file to match to identify the Windows application associated with this right. You must specify a file type to define a valid application right.


WindowsFileType FileType {get; set;}

Property value

The executable file type to match.

Possible values:

public enum WindowsFileType
     // Batch file
     // Command script
     // Command file
     // Control Panel Extension
     // Executable file
     // Microsoft common console document
     // Windows installer package
     // Windows installer patch
     // Windows PowerShell cmdlet
     // VBScript script
     // Windows script file


The following code sample illustrates using FileType in a script:

$objWindowsApplication = $objZone.GetWindowsApplication($strWindowsApplication);
 $listType = $listType.MakeGenericType( @ ("Centrify.DirectControl.API.IWindowsApplicationCriteria" -as "Type")));
    $criteriaList = [Activator]::CreateInstance($listType);
    $objApplicationCriteria = $objWindowsApplication.CreateApplicationCriteria();
    $objApplicationCriteria.FileType = [Centrify.DirectControl.API.WindowsFileType]::EXE;
    $objApplicationCriteria.FileName = "filename.exe";