Gets the IADs interface of the zone object from Active Directory.


IADs AdsiInterface {get;} 

Property value

The IADs interface of the zone object.


This property enables you to perform any operations provided by the underlying Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) for a zone as a directory object. For example, you can use this property to retrieve the IADs properties and methods that enable you to access the security information for the zone object.


The following code sample illustrates using AdsInterface in a script:

'Specify the zone you want to work with
set zone = GetZoneByPath("LDAP://cn=test_lab,cn=Zones,cn=UNIX,dc=ajax,dc=org")
'Get the IADs for the zone
set secdes = zone.AdsiInterface.Get(“ntSecurityDescriptor”)
'Display security information for the zone
wScript.Echo secdes.Owner