Gets or sets the zone to use as the “master” zone for setting default zone property values.


IZone DefaultValueZone {get; set;}

Property value

The zone object for the zone used to define default values.


If this property is set, the profile information and zone properties in the specified zone are used as the default values for the current zone. For example, if you add users or groups that have profiles in the specified zone to the zone context in which you are currently working, their UNIX profiles have the same UIDs and GIDs in both zones by default.


The following code sample illustrates using this method in a script:

'Specify the zone you want to work with
set objZone = cims.GetZone("")
'Get the master default values zone for this zone
set objMaster = objZone.DefaultValueZone
wScript.Echo “The master zone is “ & objMaster.Name