Gets or sets the NIS domain associated with the zone when the zone is determined to be a zone that uses the Microsoft Services for UNIX (SFU) schema extension or is configured to support agentless NIS client requests.


string NISDomain {get; set;}

Property value

The Network Information Service (NIS) distinguished name for the zone.


If the zone is a Services for UNIX (SFU) zone, this property should be the NIS domain defined in users’ UNIX attributes. For agentless client requests, the zone associated with the computer acting as the NIS server is the NIS domain.


NISDomain throws an ApplicationException if no value is specified when setting this property. You must specify a value when using this property to set the NIS domain.


The following code sample illustrates using this method in a script:

'Specify the zone you want to work with
set zone = GetZoneByPath("LDAP://cn=test_lab,cn=Zones,cn=UNIX,dc=ajax,dc=org")
'If the zone uses the SFU schema, display its NIS domain
If zone.IsSFU then
   wScript.Echo “NIS Domain: “ & zone.NISDomain
end if