Gets or sets the next GID to be used when adding groups (64-bit for use with .NET).


long NextGID {get; set;}

Property value

The GID for new groups.


This method returns or sets the next available GID to be used as the default GID assignment for the next group given access to the zone. If you are setting this property as part of creating a new zone, use this value to define the starting GID value for all groups in the zone. In most cases, this value is incremented automatically each time a new group profile is created for the zone. If you are creating new groups programmatically, use this property to read the current value.

There are two versions of this property: one designed for COM-based programs (NextAvailableGID) that supports a 32-bit signed number for the GID and one designed for .NET-based programs (NextGID) that allows a 64-bit signed number for the GID. You can use either method.