Gets or sets the list of reserved group identifiers (GIDs) in the zone.


string[ ] ReservedGID {get; set;}


Reserved GIDs cannot be assigned when creating new groups. The get argument returns a string containing the range of GIDs not available. The set argument specifies a number range to be reserved.

This property requires a strongly-typed array. Because strongly‑typed arrays are not supported in VBScript, you cannot use this property in scripts written with VBScript. To use this property, you must use a programming language that allows strongly-typed arrays.


The following code sample illustrates using ReservedUID in a Visual Studio (C#) script:

IZone objZone = cims.CreateZone(objContainer, strZone);
// Set the starting UID and GID for the zone
objZone.NextAvailableUID = 10000;
objZone.NextAvailableGID = 10000;

// Set the reserved UIDs and GIDs for the zone
objZone.ReservedUID = new string[] {"0-300", "999"};
objZone.ReservedGID = new string[] {"0-300", "999"};