Single sign-on through Active Directory Federation Service

When an organization uses Active Directory, users in any trusted forest can sign on once and be authenticated to resources available throughout the forest. Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) extends this basic single sign-on capability to Internet-facing applications running on Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) computers, enabling customers, partners, and suppliers to securely authenticate their identity when using web applications. Depending on the version of the Active Directory Federation Service you use, you can manage access and authentication through the configuration of account and resource servers (AD FS 1.0) or by configuring “relying party” and “claims provider” trusts and claim rule sets (AD FS 2.0).

Centrify for Apache allows you to extend this single sign-on service to web applications running on Apache servers and on Linux or UNIX computers. The Centrify for Apache package includes a separate set of files that enables authentication and authorization through AD FS. The Centrify service is comparable to the Active Directory Federation Services Web SSO agent. You can configure Centrify agent on a server-by-server basis to use either Active Directory or AD FS for authentication.

When you extract the Centrify for Apache package, the libraries required to work with the standard Active Directory environment and the files required to work with the Active Directory Federation Services environment are both available. You identify the environment you want by selecting the authentication module you want to use.

If your web browser is using Active Directory Federation Services to authenticate users, follow the instructions to install the Centrify software for both Active Directory and Active Directory Federation Services authentication. Configure the server for Active Directory authentication first and use the sample applications to confirm that everything was installed properly. After you have verified authentication using the Active Directory sample applications, go to the Active Directory Federation Services Configuration Guide to configure the federated services to run the ADFS-related sample applications.