Centrify software requirements

When you set up Apache servers in a cluster, each server and, if you are using a reverse proxy the reverse proxy computer as well, must have the following Centrify software installed:

  • All Linux- and UNIX-based systems: The DirectControl agent (adclient) must be installed. Run adinfo on each server to confirm that the agent is installed. (Windows-based servers do not require adclient.)
  • All Linux-, UNIX-, and Windows-based systems: The Centrify for Apache software must be installed.

Note:    A load balancer is an exception to this rule. If you are using a load balancer, do not install the DirectControl agent or the DirectControl for Web Applications software on the load balancer.

In addition, the Kerberos keytabs for each server must be the same. The following instructions tell you how to copy the keytab across systems.

The next two sections provide sample, step-by-step instructions you can customize for your environment to set up Active Directory authentication in a clustered environment with a reverse proxy and then with a load balancer.