Verifying authentication on your own

To verify that accounts are authenticated using Active Directory, create a test directory within your Apache server’s root directory with a local copy of the authentication directives you plan to place in the main server configuration file (httpd.conf or apache2.conf) or in individual access control files (.htaccess).

To verify authentication with Apache:

  1. Confirm that the AllowOverride directive in the main server configuration file allows authentication directives to be set. You can temporarily change this setting, if needed, for testing purposes. For example:

    AllowOverride AuthConfig
  2. Create your test directory and a .htaccess file with the directives to use. For the Require directive, you can specify an existing Active Directory user or group or use valid-user.
  3. Open your Web browser and attempt to access the test directory using a valid Active Directory logon name and password.

If authentication is successful, you will be logged on and able to access files in the test directory.

You can view information about every successful and failed authentication or authorization attempt in the Apache error_log file under the Apache installation directory. For example, the default location for the file in Apache 2.0 is /usr/local/apache2/logs/error_log. Any time a user attempts to access a protected Web page, Web directory, virtual Web site, or Web site, details about the success or failure are recorded in the log file.