Make connections to the DB2 Administration Server (DAS)

The DB2 Administration Server (DAS) allows administrators to manage DB2 instances remotely. Using utilities such as DB2 Control Center (db2cc) to perform operations such as creating, removing, starting, or stopping a database instance remotely require a DAS connection. Tasks that can be performed on a running instance (such as creating or dropping a table in the instance) do not require a DAS connection.

The DAS uses a separate authentication scheme from the instance authentication. The DAS does not call into the DB2 security plug-ins or PAM when authenticating users. If you want to log in as an Active Directory user and use utilities such as DB2 Control Center to remotely administer an instance, you have the following options, irrespective of the plug-ins that you select:

  • Run the utility that connects to the DAS (such as db2cc) on the DB2 server machine as the user who can perform the desired administrative tasks. Make sure that this user is in the same zone as the DB2 server machine.
  • Install and configure either the Microsoft or Centrify password synchronization service. For more details about the Centrify password synchronization service, refer to the Administrator’s Guide for Windows.
  • Create a local user on the DB2 server machine and enter that user’s user name and password when DB2 Control Center (or other utility connecting to the DAS) requests a user name and password.