Install and configure plug-ins using the script

The /usr/share/centrifydc/bin/ script is an interactive script. Provide the following information at the script prompts:

  • The DB2 authentication you want to use (both user name/ password and single sign on, single sign on only, or username/ password only)
  • What data sent to DB2 you want to encrypt.
  • The Active Directory administrator password.

For GSSAPI-related plug-in installation using the script, additionally provide the following information at the prompts:

  • An account name, password, and container for an Active Directory user with administrator privileges on the domain controller.

The scripts then installs, configures, and verifies the plug-in(s) according to your entries.

The following table lists the command line options:

Options Required Values Description



A string value

The name of a DB2 database instance.



0 or 1

The default is 1

If the value is 0, only the basic questions are asked. All 3 Authentication Service for IBM DB2 plug-ins are installed.

If the value is 1, the script prompts for different installation and setup options.



0 or 1

The default is 0

If the value is 0, installation and setup are performed.

If the value is 1, the script simulates the steps without actually performing them. Each command is displayed with a "#" prefix. Use this option to preview what commands are executed in an actual invocation.

The format for all command options is option=value. Separate each option with a space.