Software requirements

You must have the Centrify agent installed on each DB2 server, and the DB2 servers must be joined to an Active Directory domain.

If you use the GSSAPI plug-in, the plug-in must be installed on the DB2 server and each DB2 client. In addition, both the DB2 client and the DB2 server computers must be joined to the same Active Directory domain.

If you use the username/password plug-in, you must install the PAM library. You can install the PAM library after you install the Centrify for DB2 package.

See DB2 and Centrify plug-in compatibility for details about authentication, privilege elevation, and audit and monitoring services, Centrify for DB2, and DB2 release requirements.

See the release notes for the Centrify software, DB2 versions and versions of Red Hat, SuSE, Solaris, and AIX operating systems supported in this release. In general, the Centrify for DB2 package supports the same versions of Solaris, Red Hat, SuSE and AIX operating systems supported in DB2 version 9.5, 9.7, 10.1, and 10.5 with the following exception:

  • For Red Hat and SuSE Linux, only x86 and x86-64 bit (AMD style) architectures are supported.