Configuring group policies for Centrify PuTTY

Centrify provides group policy administrative templates that allow you to centrally manage the configurable PuTTY settings for Kerberos authentication using secure shell connections. The group policy administrative templates are available in both admx and xml file formats.

  • The admx template, centrify_putty_settings.admx, is installed by default in the C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions directory.
  • The xml file, centrify_putty_settings.xml, is installed by default in the same directory as the Centrify PuTTY program. For example, if you used the default location in the setup program, the file is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Centrify\Centrify PuTTY.

To use group policies to configure Centrify PuTTY settings, an administrator must copy either the admx file or the xml file to the appropriate domain controller. If your organization centrally manages Centrify PuTTY settings through these group policies, you do not have to configure them manually for individual secure shell sessions.

By default, all group policies are set to Not Configured. Individual policies must be set to Enabled to activate a setting. Policies can also be set to Disabled to explicitly disable a setting. For details about how policies with Enabled or Disabled settings are inherited or overridden based on where they are applied, see the Group Policy Guide and Microsoft documentation for group policies.

Most group policy settings are equivalent to the configuration settings described in Configuring the Centrify PuTTY client. For more information about the open‑source PuTTY client configuration settings, see the standard PuTTY documentation. For information about specific group policies, select the group policy, right-click to select Properties, then click the Explain tab.