Accessing remote Centrify-managed computers

You can use the Centrify version of the PuTTY client with any supported protocol and to remotely access any Linux, UNIX, or Windows computer on your network, including computers that are not managed by the Centrify Agent. However, the most common reason for using the Centrify PuTTY client is to open secure shell (ssh) sessions on remote Centrify-managed computers. If you have the Centrify Agent and Centrify OpenSSH installed on a remote computer, you can securely access that computer using your Active Directory credentials and take full advantage of centralized Kerberos authentication and consistent password policies across platforms.

If you use the Centrify PuTTY client to access Centrify-managed computers through SSH, the Centrify Agent can determine the UNIX login name to use from the user principal name (UPN) in Active Directory, making it possible for you to connect to any managed computers with a single Active Directory identity.

The Centrify Agent is also responsible for setting up and managing the Kerberos environment on Centrify-managed computers. You are not required to configure any DNS‑to-realm mapping because the agent already knows the relationship between the host computers and their service principal names (SPNs).

Because the Centrify Agent automatically manages the Kerberos authentication and policy enforcement on Centrify-managed computers, you can use the Centrify PuTTY client to connect to those computers using a secure and well-established authentication, authorization, and policy enforcement infrastructure.

If you use the Centrify PuTTY client with other protocols or to access remote computers that are not managed by the Centrify Agent, the program operates in the same way as the standard PuTTY client. You can configure connections for other protocols and set other configuration options as you would for the open-source PuTTY client.

Note:   The Centrify PuTTY client is based on PuTTY version 0.64. This version of the Centrify PuTTY client is compatible with the Centrify Agent, version 4.x and later, and with Centrify OpenSSH, version 4.x, and later.