You need to have authentication service installed, with an agent on your UNIX/Linux computer.

You need to also have the RSA SecurID authentication agent installed and configured. This guide shows you how to configure the authentication service to prompt for a SecurID token.

RSA installation prerequisites

This guide assumes that you’ve already installed the RSA SecurID authentication agent. You can get more information about the RSA authentication agent at the following link:

Installing the RSA Authentication agent includes but is not limited to the following tasks (consult the RSA documentation for a complete list):

  • RSA Secure Console is set up for use
  • In the RSA Secure Console, you’ve added your users, computers, and generated the sdconf.rec file.
  • You’ve successfully installed the RSA authentication agent on your Linux and UNIX computers (this includes installing the sdconf.rec file).
  • You’ve successfully tested the user authentication with the RSA acetest command.

If you have installed the RSA Authentication agent for PAM and successfully performed a test authentication for each user, then you’re ready to configure DirectControl to work with the RSA agent and SecurID token.