Accessing Samba shares from a Windows desktop

To test access to Samba shares on a Linux or UNIX computer from a Windows desktop:

  1. Log on to a Windows computer that is joined to the domain with an Active Directory user account.
  2. Click Start > Windows Explorer, then navigate to the domain.

    For example, open My Network Places > Entire Network > Microsoft Windows Network > Arcade to view the domain.

  3. Select the Linux or UNIX computer that is integrated with Samba to view its Samba shares. For example:

  4. Click samba-test or browse other available Samba shares to verify that you can open existing files and create new files.
  5. Confirm from both Windows and the managed computer that the files in the share directories are owned by the correct users.

If you cannot browse the shares on the Linux or UNIX computer from the Windows desktop, you should:

  • Verify that there is network connectivity between the two systems.
  • Confirm that you do not have a firewall running on the managed computer that is blocking access to the SMB ports.
  • Make sure there are no stale Kerberos tickets on your Windows system. The tools to remove stale Kerberos tickets may already be installed on your system—see this site for more information about klist and kerbtray programs.