Installing the adbindproxy components

Perform the following steps to install the integration components from the adbindproxy package. In these steps, the file name CentrifyDC-adbindproxy-*.rpm is used in place of the full file name. You can use the wildcard symbol (*) to substitute for a portion of the file name if there are no conflicting files in the directory.

Note:   If you are upgrading from a previous version of Centrify-enabled Samba, see Upgrade overview for computers with Centrify-enabled Samba before proceeding.

Be sure to enter the full path name in the command line if multiple versions of the same file exist in the same directory.

To install the Centrify Samba integration components:

  1. Run the appropriate command for your platform to install the centrifydc-adbindproxy package.

    The following table shows sample commands using the common package installers for each platforms.

    For this platform You can run

    Linux-based computers

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    For 64-bit systems:

    rpm -Uvh CentrifyDC-adbindproxy-release-rhel5.x86_64.rpm

    For PowerPC systems:

    rpm -Uvh CentrifyDC-adbindproxy-release-rhel5.ppc64.rpm

    For Little-endian PowerPC systems (PPCLE):

    rpm -Uvh CentrifyDC-adbindproxy-release-rhel7.ppc64le.rpm

    Sun Solaris

    On SPARC systems, for example:

    gunzip centrifydc-adbindproxy-release-sol10-sparc-local.tgz

    tar -xf centrifydc-adbindproxy-release-sol10-sparc-local.tar

    pkgadd -d CentrifyDC-adbindproxy

    For other Solaris versions and platforms, the commands are the same but the filenames are different. For example, on a 64-bit system:



    For HP-UX 11.31 on PA-RISC:

    gunzip centrifydc-adbindproxy-release-hp11.31-pa.depot.gz

    swinstall -s /path/centrifydc-adbindproxy-release-hp11.31-pa.depot CentrifyDC-adbindproxy

    For other HP-UX versions and platforms the commands are the same but the file names are different. For example on HP-UX 11.31 Itanium 64-bit systems:



    For AIX 7.1 or later:

    gunzip centrifydc-adbindproxy-release-aix7.1-ppc-bff.gz


    installp -aY -d centrifydc-adbindproxy-release-aix7.1-ppc-bff CentrifyDC.adbindproxy

    Debian Linux

    Ubuntu Linux

    Check that you have libcupsys2-gnutls10 (1.1.23-1 or later) installed

    If you have the required libraries, run the following command to install:

    dpkg –i centrifydc-adbindproxy-release-deb8-x86_64.deb

    SuSE Linux

    OpenSuSE Linux

    For 64-bit systems:

    rpm -ivh CentrifyDC-adbindproxy-release-suse11.x86_64.rpm

  2. (Optional) Join the computer to a zone using the adjoin command.

This concludes the installation of the adbindproxy package.

If you have existing Samba users to migrate, go to Migrating existing Samba users to Server Suite. Otherwise, go to Configuring the Samba integration to continue.