What’s in the adbindproxy package

After you download and extract the Centrify adbindproxy package, you’ll see the following files:


The software bundle has a name in this format: centrify-adbindproxy-release-rhel5-x86_64.rpm and it contains these components:

  • adbindproxy (adbindd) module: The adbindproxy module uses the adbindd daemon. Unless otherwise noted, “adbindproxy” and “adbindd” are used interchangeably in the documentation. The adbindproxy (adbindd) module intercepts Samba UNIX ID mapping requests and reroutes them to the DirectControl agent for processing. This module ensures that Samba and the DirectControl agent agree on the UNIX attribute values.
  • adbindproxy.pl PERL configuration script: This script automates most of the setup process and designates the DirectControl agent as the manager of the shared computer object.