Migrating users if winbind is configured in /etc/nsswitch.conf

To save the winbind information to a file:

  1. If winbind is currently configured in your /etc/nsswitch.conf file, run the following commands to save the information to a file before installing the adbindproxy package:

    getent passwd | grep -v -f /etc/passwd > /tmp/passwd.winbind

    getent group | grep -v -f /etc/group > /tmp/group.winbind

  2. Move the exported files to a computer where you have installed the Access Manager console.
  3. In the Access Manager console, use the Import from UNIX wizard to import the users and groups (with their existing UID and GID mappings) into the zone.

    For more information on importing existing user and group information and mapping information to Active Directory, see the “Importing existing users and groups” chapter in the Administrator’s Guide for Linux and UNIX.