Modifying the Samba smb.conf configuration file

The Samba configuration file, /etc/samba/smb.conf, defines important parameters for Samba-based file sharing. After you have verified the Samba integration with Centrify Authentication Service and Active Directory using a sample configuration file and the test share, you need to modify the smb.conf file so that it accurately represents your environment.

This smb.conf file must include the [global] section that defines the Active Directory domain, authentication methods, and other parameters. The file should also include a section for each directory you are making accessible as a SMB share.

At the beginning of a line, both the hash symbol (#) and the semi-colon (;) indicate lines to ignore. By convention, in this file, the hash indicates a comment and the semi-colon indicates a parameter you may wish to enable.

If you specify multiple users in valid users, user names can be separated by a comma or by white space.

The settings in the [global] section are required whether you use the sample configuration file or create your own smb.conf file. The settings in the [homes] section indicate that you want to share home directories, and the [samba-test] section describes the samba-test share as a publicly-writable share mapped to the /samba-test directory. For more information about editing the Samba configuration file and the supported parameters, see the Samba documentation.